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COVID-19 & What Steps We Are Taking During This Time !!!

With all the ongoing changes to the response of Covid-19 Virus, we here at Premier Detailing take the safety and health of our community and our clients very seriously. Complying with the Stay-at-Home advisory of our Govenor, we will continue our operation of detailing vehicles with new safety and health procedures to do our part in minimizing the spread of this virus.


1. Anyone that comes in contact with your vehicle will use proper rubber gloves and N95 respirators. In addition, constant hand washing practices will be implemented.

2. Any interior service will first have a thorough steam treatment to sanitize and disenfect all "High-Touch Points" in the vehicle.

3. In addition to the steam treatment we will then proceed with a disinfectant treatment of all surfaces with specific products that are effective at killing the virus and safe for the interior materials of your vehicle.

4. We will perform an additional steam treatment of your ventilation system including your cabin filter. (This would be a good time to replace cabin filters if older than 12-months)

5. Carpets and fabric seats will be shampood and extracted at this point. A high air moving fan will be placed in the vehicle to dry carpets, matts, and fabric seats.

6. This "Disinfecting Package" will be the only interior service that is offered until further noticed.

7. Exterior Services will still be available provided that the "Disinfecting Package" is done prior to any wash, decon, clay bar, wax/sealant, paint correction, and/or ceramic coating applications.


- Our 24/7 Drop Off & Pick-Up Service will be used exclusively during this time to maintain "Social Distancing Practices".


We encourage clients to use credit card payments during this time to limit interaction. We accept all major credit cards and you will recieve an emailed invoice reciept for your service and payment.

We thank all our friends, family, and patrons for your continued support during this difficult time in our community. We hope everyone does their part to stay healthy and safe !!!

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