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Whether your cars interior has become dirty with the day to day messes, 
or your vehicle’s exterior is tarnished with swirl marks or other paint defects, Premier's auto detailing services will help rejuvenate your vehicle and protect the value of your automotive investments. 

Our goal is to take what would be a time consuming and energy draining task, and instead care for you and your vehicle in Premier's professional and courteous 
red-carpet fashion.

Ask about our convenient Pickup and Delivery, 24/Hr Drop Off, & Mobile On-Site options that can accommodate your busy schedule.
Auto Detailing Packages

Express Detail Package
This package is designed as an important upkeep & maintenance service between more thorough detailing appointments or as an alternative to your local automatic car wash. Includes: custom hand wash - exterior spray sealant interior vac - vinyl wipe down - windows - tire shine - new car fragrance.
Starting @ $125.00  

Premier Detail Package
This is our most common package that customers choose to restore their vehicle to near showroom condition. It includes: thorough prep wash - clay bar process - tires & rims - door jams - interior cleaning & conditioning - carpet & upholstery shampoo - windows - exterior sealant - trim dressing tire shine - odor neutralizer. 
Starting @ $250.00

* This package includes a spray sealant that is designed to last 2-3 months. Additional polishing, paint sealant's and ceramic coating applications are available to provide added gloss & protection to your vehicles paint.

Deluxe Detail Package
This is our most in-depth package that covers every component of your vehicle. This is an all day spa treatment for your automotive investment. Includes: custom prep wash - clay bar process - tire & rims - door jams - interior cleaning & conditioning - carpet & upholstery shampoo - windows  - odor neutralizer - engine detail - light paint polishing - premium paint sealant - bio enzyme carpet cleaner & fabric sanitizer - premium stain protector - chrome & glass polishing & rain repellent treatment
Starting @ $450.00 

Interior-Only Package
Includes: interior deep clean - door jams - vinyl conditioner - leather treatment - windows in & out -headliner - carpet/mat/seat shampoo- carpet & fabric protector - odor neutralizer & ventilation treatment
Starting @ $ 175.00

Exterior Protection Package
Includes: Custom prep wash - clay bar process - light to moderate bug and road grime removal - 12 month polymer sealant - windows in & out - trim & tire shine. 
Starting @ $200.00

Pre-Sale Package
Includes: Custom prep wash - clay bar process  - exterior spray wax - windows - tires & rims - full interior cleaning - carpet shampoo - seat treatment - odor neutralizer - engine detail
Starting @ $200.00

New-Vehicle Protection Package
Includes: Custom prep wash - clay bar process - 1 stage polish -(2) year ceramic coating - interior vinyl + leather treatment, carpet & fabric stain protector - wheel protection coating - rain repellent glass treatment. 
Call For Pricing

* Please Note - Additional Charges Will Apply For Excessive Dirt, Stain, Tree Sap, Bugs, or Road Tar Removal.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Advanced Reconditioning Services
Premier is your body shop alternative. We keep prices affordable and turnaround times quick. We go above and beyond typical car cleaning to rejuvenate your vehicle to a Like-New appearance!

  • Paint Correction (Multi Stages Based on Paint Condition)
  • Protective Ceramic Coatings (2 year warranty)
  • Premium Paint Sealants
  • Engine Detailing 
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Scratch, Scuff, & Chip Repair
  • Wet Sanding (Heavy Paint Correction)
  • Convertible Top Treatment
  • Glass & Chrome Polishing
  • Carpet Spot & Stain Removal
  • Fabric & Carpet Stain Protection
  • Pet Hair Removal & Odor Treatment
  • Overspray & Contaminant Removal
  • Exterior Trim Restoration
  • Rust Removal & Protective Anti Rust Coatings
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings
Does your vehicle have swirls, scratches, scuffs, or other paint defects? 
We are proud t offers comprehensive paint correction service to improve the overall appearance of your vehicle.We follow our paint correction work with a selection of premium sealants and ceramic coatings.

* Prices based on condition of the paint and the number of steps involved to achieve your desired results prior to applying our ceramic coating.
Boats - Pontoons - Watercraft
There is a lot of work involved in keeping your boat, pontoon, or watercraft looking it's best. Premier is your professional detailing partner to protect your boating investments.


Additional Services:
  • Hull Cleaning/Acid Washing
  • Teak Restoration
  • On The Dock Cleaning
  • Watercraft & Jet Ski Detailing
RV's & Campers
R.V.'s are unique in the sense that they have complex interiors and other surfaces that require special attention. We offer complete detailing of the various surfaces of your recreational vehicles. From thorough cleaning of the interior to applying a new gloss coating of the exterior.

Additional Services:
  • Glass & Chrome Polishing
  • Mobile Washing Service
  • Tow-Vehicle Wash & Detailing

Also Servicing:
Motorcycles-Snowmobiles-Golf Carts-Wave Runners & Jet Ski's - Fleet Vehicles 
Classic Cars - Dealerships - Business to Business - Mobile On-Site Service
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